Telescopic Hunting Tripod Stool - Camouflage Brown



the hunter standing at post on big game drives. Suitable for hunting small migratory birds and waterfowl.
Folding, adjustable hunting tripod stool.

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StabilityTripod complies with EN 581 standard.
DurabilityApproved by an independent laboratory to hold a maximum weight of 110 kg.
Compact design78 cm when folded, seat height of 59 to 70 cm when open.
Easy transportStrap for carrying on the shoulder.
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معلومات/ مبدأ عام/ تقنية
Structure : 100.0% Steel Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES)

The independent French laboratory INTERTEK.

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Complies with European standard EN 581.


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Disappointing quality
Used for أكثر من عام
Stool is heavy, but more disappointing than that is the fact that the fabric frays and then gives way on the corners of the seat. This lets down what would otherwise be a good product.
Telescopic folding hunting tripod seat.
Used for من أسبوعين إلى ثمانية أسابيع
A well constructed bit of kit , very comfortable and easy to adjust to the contours of the ground.
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