4.5m Wide Straps x2



securing equipment to vehicle roof racks when travelling. Sold in pairs.
These wide carry straps make it easier to transport large boards. They have a neoprene pad to protect the bodywork of your car and your equipment.


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الضمان2 السنوات
Length4.5 m.
معلومات/ مبدأ عام/ تقنية
Main fabric : 100.0% Polypropylene (PP)

نصيحة التخزين
Do not store in the sun for lengthy periods. Store away from heat and cold (max temperature: store between -20°C and 60°C).Avoid knots. Roll correctly for storage.

نصائح الصيانة
Regularly check for wear and tear. Never modify or attempt to repair the transport straps yourself. Do not tie in a knot. Pass the strap over your board and back again, and not just once. If the strap shows signs of wear, do not use: destroy it.


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Perfect for the job
Used for أسبوع أو أقل
Simple product. Used to secure 2 foamboards and a bodyboard to the roof. You can't go wrong at that price.
roof rack straps
Used for من أسبوعين إلى ثمانية أسابيع
Only used once to date, has met all requirementioned. Well made
They do the job
Used for أسبوع أو أقل
Good product for a good price. A bit slippy on the first use but I’m hoping that will stop as they get used.
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