Wipe 320 Kids' BMW - Red



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starting BMX in the street, on urban furniture and earth bumps for young riders (8 to 12 years / 1.25 to 1.45m)
The BMX for 8/12 year-olds for learning to ride in the street, on urban furniture and on bumpy terrain. Equipped with 4 pegs, a detangler, a lightweight saddle/seat post combo and ultra flat pedals!


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DurabilityFrame, fork, Hiten reinforced steel handlebars.Reinforced pedals, grips.
Ease of learningPlayful geometry.Detangler to allow the handlebars to fully rotate.4 pegs.
Ease of useLight rims (aluminium) and saddle. Wide tyres. Weight: 13.56kg (without pegs
Lifetime warrantyLifetime warranty on the frame, fork, stem and handlebar!
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The playful geometry is perfectly suited to children aged 8 to 12 years (1.25 to 1.45m), allowing them to easily perform jumps, wheelies, drifts, etc.. Built from reinforced steel (Hi-Ten), a high standard in the cycling industry for its durability. 6mm reinforced frame dropout, bottom bracket with large diameter: everything about this bike has been designed to be highly durable and withstand impacts.
Rigid fork
Built from reinforced steel (Hi-Ten), a high standard in the cycling industry for its durability. 5 mm dropout for good resistance to impacts. No suspension for greater manoeuvrability and lighter weight!
One-piece chainset: ultra sturdy. New 160 mm cranks: designed for the bodies of young riders.New 39-tooth chainwheel KMC chain:the benchmark in terms of durability. 39 x 16 gearing: short drivetrain for improved acceleration and push-offs.
The aluminium Tektro brake levers are designed for braking with just 2 fingers for more precision.The shape of the levers is adapted to the rider The aluminium Tektro V-brake levers add rigidity to the levers, and unlike resin levers, directly transmit the braking power. Braking is thus more powerful and progressive (which really helps learn how to mange the rear wheel...).
The 620mm wide reinforced steel (Hi-Ten) handlebars provide durability, precision and stability. At a height of 150mm, the BMX is the only children's bike that allows the rider to sit with a straight back for seated pedalling. But it also improves acceleration and push-offs with maximum stability from a standing position!The height and width mean the handlebars can be pulled backwards to master the art of steering (wheel, manual, etc.).
The 50mm aluminium stem is built using the headset system (fixed directly onto the fork), which adds light weight and durability. This system, used on high end mountain bikes, marks a major difference in terms of durability compared to competing entry-level BMX.
The 360° detangler:: allows the handlebars to turn a full circle 140mm handles with soft-touch coating for unbeatable comfort Reinforced handlebar ends for better resistance to abrasion with the ground (a wear part which can be easily and cheaply replaced)
The Wipe saddle is a "combo" saddle! To save weight, this saddle is mounted on an aluminium seat post.No fastenings needed and with steel replaced by aluminium, this aluminium saddle/seat post combination is light and stylish.
The wide aluminium rims have been selected for their rigidity and light weight. Equipped with 36 spokes, the wheels are more resistant than ever!
The 20 x 2.10 styled tyres are wide for good grip and cushioning on landing from jumps!With a slightly lugged shape, they adapt perfectly to urban use whilst still allowing the rider to comfortably adventure onto rolling terrain.
The pedals are thin for light weight and style. They're also wider for better stability for the foot. The dots on the surface provide maximum grip whilst minimising the risk of injury. We've chosen composite pedals over aluminium because they're more durable and provide better grip in wet conditions. The steel crank is designed for BMX use.
A detangler is mounted on the bike. This allows the handlebars to be turned in a complete circle.
4 pegs (metal cylinders) are supplied with the bike. You can attach these to the front or rear wheel axles (front or rear) for even more tricks. These quick and easy to install pegs don't require the wheels to be removed: easy adjustment!
13.56kg (without pegs)
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Chassis : 100.0% Steel

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Store in a cool, dry place, away from corrosive products and salty air.
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