Line Abrasion White 1000m Sea Fishing Line



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all types of fishing in snag-filled and abrasive areas.
This highly abrasion-resistant line is suited to all types of fishing, particularly in snag-filled and abrasive areas (branches, rocks, shells, etc)
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Abrasion resistanceWith an anti-abrasion treatment to reduce breakages from snagging.
Breaking resistanceThis line has a good linear resistance in relation to its diameter.
StretchThis line has good elasticity to mitigate head jerks.
VisibilityHigh visibility white colour.
DistanceThe perfectly smooth surface increases casting distance.
DurabilityBreaking strain shown on the spool complies with the EFTTA charter.
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Spool LINE ABRASION WHITE 1000 m. 100% polyamide. This line was tested on an abraser measuring wear resistance. This allows us to guarantee abrasion resistance 20 times greater than standard nylon.
Breaking strain per diameter
Ø: 18/100 - 2.3 kg - 5.07 Lbs Ø: 20/100 - 2.7 kg - 5.95 Lbs Ø: 25/100 - 4 kg - 8.82 Lbs Ø: 30/100 - 6 kg - 13.23 Lbs Ø: 35/100 - 7.8 kg - 17.2 Lbs Ø: 40/100 - 9.7 kg - 21.38 Lbs Ø: 50/100 - 13.9 kg - 30.64 Lbs
Recommended knot
This line has such good glide that it is strongly recommended to use the palomar knot.
AdvantageResistance to wear

Length1000 m
معلومات/ مبدأ عام/ تقنية
Main fabric : 100.0% Polyamide

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Store away from light.
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