WS Fresh 140 Ballerina fitness walking socks black (set of 2 pairs)



A comfort booster for your ballerina pumps! Extremely low-cut socks with a non-slip silicone heel. Sold in packs of 2.
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Fitting comfortSoft material hugs the foot.Reduces feeling of overheating.
BreathabilityThin and ventilated weave allows the foot to breathe. Majority cotton.
StabilityArea with silicone-lined patches in the heel for a better fit on your foot.
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Socks : 63.0% Cotton, Socks : 33.0% Polyamide, Socks : 4.0% Elasthane

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Our testing engineers, Marine and Léo have all our products tested by a representative sample of walker-athletes in the field. All our products also undergo laboratory tests for complete validation prior to being put on the market.
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Thumbs down from me!
Used for من أسبوعين إلى ثمانية أسابيع
They don’t stay on! Not even for 5minutes... I had high hopes for them but am very disappointed.
Response of the brand
Dear Louise,

Thanks for your feedback. Please, contact me and I'll try to recover your hope for this product. You can reply directly to this email address.

Best regards

Juan Jose Casado
New Feel Manager
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