Training Band 15 kg



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bodybuilding (muscle strengthening, pull up assistance) and functional workouts (such as cross training)
Training bands are simple, compact bodybuilding accessories. Highly effective and versatile, great for building muscle strength, improving agility and increasing speed.

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VersatilityImproving your strength Developing your flexibility
DurabilitySturdy, ultra-resistant 15 kg resistance
Easy transportCompact: ideal for travelling Work out anywhere, at home or outdoors
CoachingWatch our exercise videos at
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Get the most out of your product by watching our free exercise videos has created a range of videos in partnership with our Domyos Club fitness centre sport coaches to show and explain some of the exercises you can do.
15 kg Training Band
Width = 29 mm +/-0.5 mm Length = 2080 mm +/-30 mm Thickness = 1.5 mm +/-0.5 mm
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Exclusive of elastic (Only of US) : 100.0% Rubber - Synthetic
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