Light 100 low hunting boots brown



all types of dry weather hunting and bushcraft activities
A durable, comfortable and light boot.
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Wild vegetation resistanceComponents selected and assembled for optimal abrasion resistance.
BreathabilityBreathable upper. Non waterproof.
Lightweight465 g in size 8.5.
TractionSole designed for grip on dry terrain.
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Boots designed to withstand regular use in all types of rugged vegetation. Outer materials laboratory tested for their resistance to wear and tear and scuffing. Reinforced stone-guard all around the lower half of the boot: front, back and sides. Metal lace eyelets and hooks. Durability of seams and assemblies checked both in the lab and out in the field. 100% rubber sole provides excellent long-term resistance to wear.
Wide lugs in the soles for excellent grip in fields, on earth, mud, etc. Front and rear sections of the sole with a stepped design for even better grip. Bevelled studs, sufficiently well spaced out to avoid becoming clogged up with soil and mud when out walking or when banging the soles together at the end of a hunting trip.
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Outer sole of : 100.0% Rubber - Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) Upper of : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Lining and sock of : 100.0% Polyester (PES)

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All our SOLOGNAC footwear is tested for use in varied hunting conditions, and particularly in difficult undergrowth.

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In a dry, well ventilated place. Keep away from fire.


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Nice change from the boots that I normally wear.
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I've regularly worn the Solognac 100 boots for the last three years and have been very satisfied with them so when I saw the shoes at a very attractive price I thought that I would give them a try. So far I am equally satisfied with the shoes as I am with the boots.
Both my daughters and my wife have commented favourably on the look of the shoes and at least one daughter is considering buying a pair for herself.
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Corcoran jump boots
Used for أكثر من عام
November 2018.just noticed box in right bell now worn through. Toe-ball area now worn flat.local Braehead store has single pair of size 8 rubber type on floor beneath cloth type,I'm size 7 *grrr*
Ad note
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Just to make it clear: review was for rubbery top version,not in stock just now, not this lighter version boot (shoe)
Solognac hunting boot (its a shoe)
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Almost identical to this one,except upper part is rubbery texture,this one is cloth type material on top of toe area. Just looking for spare pair whenever back in a pair fifteen months ago and still not falling apart ! The heel grips have worn down but not completely(slippy on ice-I use metal stud grippers on ice-, but not slippy on regular mud),the ball / flat part of foot still has chunky'ish grips with little visible wear.Was expecting 6 months wear then expected to see square compartments in heel wearing through letting in water even on tarmac as would happen with regular casual,fashion's not happened yet.;very good wear.might get foam or gel insoles as feet fell tired ( I'm a wimp) after few of miles continuous walking.I usually walk a total of 1-2 miles a do the arithmetic on the wear life so far.i wear them as an everyday casual shoe,not just country strolls.not waterproof but they say that, and after annoyance of upper part of boots rubbing against inner leg (boors from another company ) I wear shoes,not boots. I like the brown colouring and life of wear.don't know if they're vibram type rubber or similar ,but bloody good value for life of wear and cheapish.I'm not wearing those heavy 'frankenstein' looking walking boots that cost a bomb.not specialist lightweight trainers but I don't notice .decathlon and skechers type trainers would look minging with the mud I go through anyway.
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