Coloured silicone ear plugs - red and blue



EGP 69.00

Coloured silicone ear plugs - red and blue

Made for occasional or regular swimmers looking for ear protection
Very soft silicone ear plugs that adapt to fit the shape of your ear.
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WaterproofProtection of the ear canal.
StretchSoft ear plugs that fit ear shape. Hypo-allergenic product.
Anatomic designOne size. PLEASE NOTE: Do not insert too deeply into the ear canal
Waranty2 Years
nformation / Concept / Technology
Main fabric : 100.0% Polyethylene (PE)

Maintenance tips
Rinse swimming ear plugs after each use.


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Wish I had bought them earlier!
Used for 1 week or less
I have one ear which is differently shaped from the other, and it fills with water when swimming, and no amount of pulling the earlobe, tilting to the side and getting my towel in sorts it out, so I realised finally relented and bought these ear plugs. They work brilliantly! Why the heck didn't I buy them earlier?
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