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Tennis Shorts Dry TSH 100 - Navy
  • Tennis Shorts Dry TSH 100 - Navy
  • Dry 100 Tennis Polo Shirt - White
  • Tennis Shorts Dry TSH 100 - Navy
  • Tennis Shorts Dry TSH 100 - Navy
  • Tennis Shorts Dry TSH 100 - Navy
  • Tennis Shorts Dry TSH 100 - Navy
  • Tennis Shorts Dry TSH 100 - Navy
Tennis Shorts Dry TSH 100 - Navy



Tennis Shorts Dry TSH 100 - Navy

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5 reviews
4 of 5 people recommends this product
  • Tennis Shorts Dry TSH 100 - Navy
  • Dry 100 Tennis Polo Shirt - White
  • Tennis Shorts Dry TSH 100 - Navy
  • Tennis Shorts Dry TSH 100 - Navy
  • Tennis Shorts Dry TSH 100 - Navy
  • Tennis Shorts Dry TSH 100 - Navy
  • Tennis Shorts Dry TSH 100 - Navy
Tennis Shorts Dry TSH 100 - Navy
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Our design teams created these shorts for learning to play racket sports without feeling too hot.


Freedom of movement

The cut lets you move around freely.


Made from 89% recycled polyester, guaranteeing it has been used sustainably.

Moisture management

The breathable fabric keeps you dry even during sport.

Ball carrying

Up to 3 balls per pocket. Pockets stay firmly in place.


These shorts weigh just 140 g for comfort and ease during play.


Length of the shorts

The Dry 100 shorts have a short length. The inside leg length is 16 cm.


By recycling plastic bottles and old materials to make our polyester, we can reduce our usage of petroleum-based products while maintaining the performance and quality of the fabrics you wear while exercising.

A rating to compare the environmental impact of products

The environmental impact of this product is calculated for its entire lifespan using various indicators. An overall rating (ABCDE) is given, allowing you to easily identify products with the best environmental performance by comparing similar products to each other (T-shirts, trousers, backpacks, ...).

Decathlon openly displays the environmental ratings of its products.
Find out more: http://sustainability.decathlon.com/


4.2/5 5 reviews
4 of 5 people recommends this product
Great all round shorts
Richard (United Kingdom) Used for More than 1 year
Bought for badminton originally but now I use them also for running, weightlifting (stretchy enough to squat in for sure!), and running. They are quite short so you do show off some thigh. If worn with base layer shorts underneath, the lack of a mesh layer is an advantage.
Can’t buy women’s as always too short
Mandy (United Kingdom)
Perfect men’s shorts for women.

Sadly because women’s shorts are still being made far too short I have to buy men’s shorts. The problem with buying men’s shorts for me as a woman is sometimes they have the mesh inside which I do not need, the shorts are perfect in that they do not have the mesh.

I do wish that Decathalon et al just made longer women shorts so they can be more fitting to my female figure and a bit roomy in the hip area, luckily I am quite slim So I can get away with wearing men’s shorts, not other ladies are quite so lucky.

Another problem with buying men’s shorts is that sometimes they are also far too long, it seems that there is no in between with men’s versus women’s shorts, men’s being too long and women’s too short, it doesn’t seem like there is much in between however these shorts seem to be that in between length, fantastic, I have three pairs, white black navy, if you made women shorts of a decent length I would buy 10 pairs easily.

Luckily I have a sewing machine so I have in the past bought some men’s 7” and sewn them to 5”. I think 5” is perfect for women’s shorts but all you offer is 2/3; in fact, you don’t even write the inseam on the description like you do with the male shorts. I have even bought men’s shorts and cut out the netting. Why should I have to do all of this just to get some shorts to fit me and that aren’t really short? It’s not fair

The market is out there for longer women shorts with pockets so please listen. I have been playing tennis and sports for 25 years and I’ve never been able to buy a decent pair with a decent length of shorts with a pocket for my tennis balls. Please can someone listen and make proper tennis shorts for women that aren’t skintight and that aren’t really really short and that have proper pockets. In this day and age I should not have to buy men’s shorts I should be able to buy women’s shorts
Good value for money
Philip (United Kingdom) Used for 1 week or less
I haven't worn them (for tennis) yet, but have tried them on and they are stylish and comfortable. Perhaps slightly on the small side (I ordered UK 32 and I am 32 for everything else) but fine. If you are between sizes just order the bigger one. Can't comment of durability of how they will wash etc, but good first impressions. The lightweight fabric is very nice.
No under layer...
Michael (United Kingdom) Used for 2 to 8 weeks Verified purchase What is a "Verified purchase"?

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Just the one layer.... Not use to this...
Very very HAPPY
Davis (United Kingdom) Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I wasn't expecting much from a pair of cheap shorts in all honesty, I've done that before with Sports Direct brands that fell apart in a couple of washes.

Having said that these are incredibly good, well made shorts for the price, they came up a little small but not enough to be uncomfortable and have held up under sustained use and washes the last couple weeks.

I'm very happy with them and would order them again for myself and recommend them to others
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