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"After your hikes, we advise you to: - Leave your shoes to dry near a heat source - Brusquely brush, using a hard-bristled brush, the dry leather to remove any mud and dirt - Use a soft-bristled brush or nubuck eraser to remove any stains - If the stains are stubborn, clean them using a brush and a little warm water - Leave to dry - Brush again using a hard-bristled brush - Spray with a waterproofing product: this will make the leather shine and bring out the colours"


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Men's walking shoes - nh500 - brown

" We have improved this product with an eco-design approach to the product materials: - Natural, chrome-free leather - Upper (front of the shoe, tongue and top of the shoe): 100% recycled polyester - Tongue lining and collar: 100 % recycled polyester - Laces and loops: 100% recycled polyester - Inner sole: 85% recycled polyurethane foam and 100% recycled polyester lining - Outer sole: 30% recycled rubber"