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To distract your children from video games for a few hours, it may be a good idea to equip all members of your family and go for a walk in the mountains or in town. Thanks to an outdoor activity, your whole family will be able to get their fill of fresh air and admire the beauty of nature. Whether you are more interested in cycling or camping, we have all the equipment you will need for your family activity. For a day trip or several days, we provide you with different bag sizes so that you choose the one that is most suitable.



Men’s mountain trekking down jacket - mt500 -10°c

This padded jacket, worn as a 3rd layer, has been certified for an active comfort temperature of -10°C during a standardized test in a thermal chamber. The model is wearing a synthetic long-sleeved T-shirt and a light fleece underneath. It works with a simulated 5 km/h wind. We have also tested this model in static mode. Its comfort temperature is 0°C in this case.