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Unlike more intense sports, an endurance activity that adapts to everyone's ability plays a role in the general improvement of the immune system. This is partly due to the molecules secreted by the plants and trees: phytoncides. Hiking is a comprehensive exercise with extra focus on the lower body, but it doesn't strain the joints, making this the perfect sport for all ages and skill levels. Think about using poles to take pressure off your knees and help you with climbs and descents. Along with strengthening your immune system, hiking will also have the following benefits for your body.


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The Fresh & Black technology keeps the inside of your tent cooler and darker

"Cooler and darker for better sleep! Fresh & Black is a technology patented by Decathlon that allows us to reflect the sun's rays and insulate from the light thanks to specific materials. This reduces the sensation of heat in the tent and makes it darker. To get the most out of this technology, don't forget to ventilate your tent at night! "

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