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Discover our OLAIAN brand. Here you will find technical and innovative products tested by our partners and demanding athletes! Whether you are a beginner or an expert surfer, you will find a complete range of surfboards, wetsuits, swimsuits, boardshorts, ponchos, towels, flip-flops, sun protection and a whole range of accessories for you and your board (leash, wax, pads, covers, helmet).


BodyBoards, Leashes and more

As you practice surfing, you will surely seek to achieve better performances. By opting for surf accessories such as fins, leashes, protective covers, balance boards, pads, wax or even a surf helmet, you will have all the keys in hand to achieve your goals. . By using different surf accessories, you will ensure your safety and be able to enjoy your surf session with complete peace of mind. Among our wide range of products dedicated to surfing, we also offer surfboards, neoprene clothing, swimsuits, towels and ponchos as well as a variety of sun protection for surfing.

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