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So you can always practice your sport with more of pleasure, or simply to discover one, innovation is our priority. At Decathlon, innovation is pragmatic: make sport accessible to the many: regardless the level of expertise or the discipline. Our teams put the athlete at the heart of the gait and stress on the innovation of use in order to create ACCESSIBLE, CLEVER, PRACTICAL & SINGULAR products.

The innovation process:

By athletes, for the athletes

We put the user at the center of our approach. By observing the sportive in their domain that our sellers, product leaders, designers, engineers we imagine the products of tomorrow. Thanks to customer reviews, continuous innovation, that allow us to enhance existing products or imagine tomorrow's innovation 

The idea

Behind every product, there is an idea, need, expectation, intuition ... emanating from an athlete, client, or employee, who brings life in the spirit of the conception team and stimulate their creativity. To create 2800 new product per year on average it takes a lot of ideas! which requires to constantly monitor the development of sport and its practice.

Creation: giving body to ideas 

Body, first equipment in sport. If brands focus on the users, and their needs, the center of R&D, Decathlon SportsLab focuses on the functionality and the need of the human body.

Decathlon SportsLab dispose tools to measure and precisely analyze, and different expertise on the thematic of movement, thermal comfort, morphology and affective sciences. Teams track the causes of irritation, discomfort, risk of injuries. Researchers also cooperate with universities and laboratories to develop innovative projects and share competencies. 

The design: a humman channel

R&D teams forma a chain of links within the company: in the brands, within the prototype workshops, team of the industrial process, as well as the SportLab laboratories. Each contributes in the process of the product improvement. Each component of the product is studied.

Designers give shape, color, consistency to imagined products. It's a collaborative process that relies on the knowledge and skills of product leaders, researchers, engineers, ... They create functional prototypes that measure interest in use. They also realize drawings and models in order to pre-visualize the final appearance and asses users' perception. They create an emotional link between the athlete and the product, in imagining the most ergonomic way to bring it to life.

The selection of components and assembly are key steps, that will allow the products to be unique, relevant and durable. in Villeneuve D'ascq, over 3000 prototypes are realized each year. The prototype workshops are made available to to teams to observe, test the components and finished products in real situations. They participate in the speed of design and allow each employee to become actor and creator of innovation. Thanks to this organization that Decathlon and its brands  offer technical products and accessible to the greatest number.