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Water Sports

"Discover our wide range of water sports equipment and accessories! Enjoy your favourite water sport from swimming, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving with our unique, innovative collection. Whether you are looking for a new swimming suit, a new kayak, snorkeling sets, swimming goggles, aqua shoes, surfing boards or diving suits we have everything you need for an exciting, water adventure!."



Adult’s easybreath surface mask acoustic valve - 540 freetalk red

The Easybreath 540 is the next generation full-face mask created by Decathlon. It has the same characteristics as the old model: 180° vision, anti-fog, easy to put on, etc. and we have made the mask more robust, the skirt more comfortable, and breathing easier with the effort on breathing reduced by 20%. It is also equipped with innovations: a valve that allows communication on the surface and the ‘dry-top release’ that prevents the phenomenon of breathing being cut off during immersion.