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"Psychological Benefits Of Hiking The psychological benefits of hiking are similar to those you enjoy when walking or exercising, but with an added uptick in mental health benefits because you’re surrounded by nature. In addition to boosting brain activity and cognitive function, both walking and hiking release endorphins, the feel-good hormone, while reducing the stress hormone 'cortisol.' This, in turn, minimizes feelings of anxiety or depression. While exercise alone reduces negative feelings, hiking in nature combines physical activity with beautiful scenery, fresh air, and wildlife activity, which can induce a great meditative and calming state. While walking itself provides these benefits too, the unique scenery isn’t quite as accessible when walking through a bustling city, and you’ll have to contend with greater noise pollution. The benefits of hiking are unique due to the quieter, scenic, and less populated environments, and they have a significant impact on mental wellbeing"


Travel backpack 50L - Travel 100

"You'll love this simple and practical backpack, with front access and multiple pockets to organise your belongings. Great for those first outdoor adventures, it's durable and very comfortable to wear."

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